If you have to wear protective eyewear, wouldn’t it be great if it also helped you see veins and health signs?

How Does The O2Amp Technology Work?
There's a very narrow band of wavelengths that are counter-signal, making it difficult to see O2 under the skin. By blocking that narrow band of light, we enhance the perception of O2 which makes the veins more visible. The pink color of the lens is actually unrelated to that and is just an incidental effect of the manufacturing process required block the narrow band.

If You’re Color Blind. STOP!
If you are color deficient the Vein Glasses won’t work for you at all. Instead, you will want to try our Oxy-Iso glasses.
If you’re not sure if you’re color deficient, take the test here

Now... on to the tips!

Go Outdoors
Want to know what type of enhancement you can expect with our eyewear, step outside. Ideally, you want to test the technology in daylight, preferably in the shade or with cloud cover to avoid glare.
And we also want to make sure folks don't expect to see the same kind of effects as they would get with a $15,000 infrared Vein Finder!

Be Patient
While some people are able to view the effects immediately, especially outdoors--it may take longer for others to get used to it. If you can’t tell the difference right away, be patient your eyes will adjust and you’ll be able to see the veins more clearly in no time.
  • More information on its capabilities, and limitations, and also our useful blood spec insert card can be found here.

Users have provided feedback that the Streamlight TL-2 works well. The less bright regions of the illumination work best. Avoid the really bright spot.

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