VINO Optics

Oxy-Amp Vein Finder Glasses -- "Subscribe and Own" Plan

  • Oxy-Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses, Sport Frame
  • Oxy-Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses, Sport Frame
  • Oxy-Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses, Sport Frame
  • Oxy-Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses, Sport Frame
  • Oxy-Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses, Sport Frame
  • Oxy-Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses, Sport Frame
  • Oxy-Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses, Sport Frame

VINO Optics

Oxy-Amp Vein Finder Glasses -- "Subscribe and Own" Plan


The Oxy-Amp is intended for advanced VINO Optics users who have already had success with the Oxy-Iso.


The OXY-AMP amplifies perception of veins, oxygenation, pallor, cyanosis, rashes, erythema; it is favored as general purpose medical protective eyewear for personnel involved with patient assessment in addition to vein enhancement; it amplifies oxygenation and veins, but not at the expense of seeing the usual health signs on skin.

Veins appear fluorescent, but the Oxy-Amp can be subtle for some wearers, because it leaves your normal vision intact. The Oxy-Iso is instead preferred as a special purpose tool for blood draws, and for first time users.

The "Subscribe and Own" Plan: $19.95 per month. 

  • Damage-replacements: Send us your damaged pair and email us your tracking number, and we'll send you a fresh pair. (Up to two damage-replacements per year.)
  • Rent to own: After 12 months, you keep the pair you have.
  • Lost-replacement: After 12 months, email us if you've lost a pair, and we'll send you a fresh pair. (One per year.)

It's like renting, but you'll own a pair after 12 months and still pay less than buying it outright. Plus, you get replacements when damaged -- the hospital can be a harsh environment for eyewear.

For United States and Canada only.

See the reviews and testimonials.

About the product:

  • Dual use:
    • Protective eyewear &
    • Vein-enhancement 
    • Health signs enhancement 
  • Anti-static, anti-fog, and anti-scratch coatings
  • Lightweight. Fully adjustable, comfort frames
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 impact standards
  • UV protective
  • Patented by two U.S. scientists
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Subscription plans only available for U.S. and Canada.
  • It's great for pediatric care where you don’t dare stick twice! 

Please note:

  • If you are colorblind, you will want our "Oxy-Isoglasses instead.
  • If you are a nurse, paramedic, phlebotomist or other medical personnel focused on blood draws, you will likely prefer our "Oxy-Iso" glasses instead.


Save money: Vision correction is typically covered by personal health insurance. Save money by using your health savings account (HSA) card.

We see our tech not so much as a tool one wields just in order to find veins. Rather, we see it as protective eyewear one should be wearing anyway, but that also aids perception of veins and health signs. EMT / paramedic eyewear (using O2Amp's patented "Oxy-Amp" technology), providing sun, UV and impact protection, but *also* enhancing perception of veins in daylight conditions (or at night / indoors with *very* strong lighting, such as a Streamlight TL-2). 

If you are colorblind -- as about 10% of men are, and around half a percent of women -- this Oxy-Amp technology will NOT work; instead, you need our Oxy-Iso. The pink tint is an incidental, non-functional side effect of the manufacturing process blocking a narrow band of "bad signal" that hinders perception of oxygenation and veins. 

VINO OPTICS Vein Glasses technology has no batteries, no wires, no special lights. They look just like protective eyewear. But they still take training. You have to acquire experience with how they work, and how to employ white light so that you get enough, and without glare. It takes time. Give yourself a couple weeks. And begin outdoors where lighting is great. 


UV Protection

Blocks all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers

Made in USA

Invented and patented by scientists from Princeton and Caltech


Anti-static, anti-fog, and anti-scratch coatings. Lightweight and fully adjustable