Very Helpful

The Hemo-Iso glasses absolutely helped me identify and define the borders of cellulitis erythema on a patient.

--Frederick Gale, MD, FACS, Wound Specialist, The Center for Vascular, Wound Healing, and Hyperbaric Medicine, Surgical Director, Inpatient Skin Management and Risk Reduction Team, Tufts Medical Center, December 6, 2015.

Have finally managed to use the Hemo-Iso on a major blunt trauma the other day and what a difference they made!

Gave me vital information that there could be a significant injury, where bruising wasn’t visible yet. Due to this suspicion, I was able to request HEMS and get the patient to the right place first time!

– Steve O'Boyle, Paramedic, November 2016

Life Saver!

A car accident victim complained in the ER of chest and abdomen pain, and although no bruising was apparent, with the Hemo-Iso glasses one could clearly see the bruised impression of the seat belt on her chest and abdomen.

– Jake Youren, nurse, St. Alphonsus Medical Center, February 9, 2013.

Forensic Nurse

I personally have started using them with my Forensic Nursing Assessments.  The glasses have assisted me in determining the edges of bruising not yet emerging associated with pain on victims of interpersonal violence.  I still have a learning curve and want to do follow up documentation on patients. Have yet to get patients willing to return for further photographic documentation but will continue to refine my use of the glasses.  We really appreciate the opportunity to work with this technology and will keep you informed of the applications that we find beneficial.

– Tara Fitzpatrick, Supervising Public Health Nurse, Dutchess County Department of Health, Office of the Medical Examiner, July 2015.

4 out of 5 stars

In my paramedic practice, I found limited application for efficacy in the types of calls I have attended. I will say that in certain circumstances this version of the lens will assist in assessing Bruises and stages of healing of bruises. If a geriatric care provider/inspector were to use these lenses during spot checks the bruises really stand-out in contrast to normal tissue. The same would apply with Pediatric social work applications...The times I have found this lens most effective is when I suspect some maltreatment is afoot...the lens improves my ability to see bruising patterns without making it overly obvious that I am assessing them. I am not sure I would recommend a Medic these glasses, as in paramedicine the vein lens is so much more applicable...But I will endorse and recommend these glasses to child and youth workers dealing with abuse investigations, and geriatric specialists that need to easily see new bruising indicating possible neuro/ vertigo/ slip and falls issues...and abuse.

– Christopher N. Millington, December 10, 2016

5 out of 5 stars | Great product!

These will save lives! I work. Within the African American and Hispanic population, these have greatly enhanced our ability to rapidly and confidently fin bruising before it's too late. The bruise enhancing glasses take a little longer to use/get the hang of. I have been able to notice changes of skin shade in areas I suspect internal trauma at vehicle accidents and have even been able to help in domestic abuse cases where police were hesitant to believe either side. You could start to see marks on the arm where someone violently grabbed the other. As I said, it took a little bit to know what to look for, I don't recommend putting them on the first time and looking for the invisible to jump out. I had to wear them, take them off, find bruising, put them back on. This allowed me to confirm I knew what I was looking at and allowed me to recognize future bruising without removing the glasses. Overall, I think your product is great and will not only make a difference in assessments, but they will also save lives.

– Eric Dlugoss, August 11, 2016.

4 out of 5 stars. These glasses were pretty neat! 

I had a patient with hives and skin irritation which was very subtle. With these glasses, the blotches and rash were plain as day. As a death investigator, I plan to use these glasses during my examination to evaluate early bruise patterns as well as in the ER for assault injury assessment.

– Luke Winkelman, August 15, 2016. 

5 out of 5 stars. Must have! 

So far I'm impressed. They make the smallest detail pop out. Things like a diabetic's fingertips. With the Hemo-Iso I can see a difference. I am amazed. I have had these glasses for almost a month utilizing them on the ambulance. Even the slightest pooling of blood under the skin is visible. Had a diabetic patient complaining of toe pain. With my naked eye, I saw nothing different. Although she did have other signs, the point is with the Hemo-Iso glasses. I saw a difference. Also had a patient complaining of arm pain after a fall. Again I could only see the bruises with the glasses on. So glad I have these. Also, this company has wonderful customer service. This simply an amazing product.

– Patrick Ball, September 12, 2016.