What is Color Vision?

Have you ever wondered why exactly we have color vision? How does it really serve us?

These are deep evolutionary biology questions and answering them was key to developing our patented VINO Optics with O2Amp technology.

Color vision enables us to truly see people.

In 2006 when he was at Caltech, our co-founder Mark Changizi discovered that humans’ and many other primates’ color vision is peculiarly optimized for seeing oxygenation modulations in the blood under the skin. Not to see blood per se, but to detect emotions and health states.

With our kind of color vision, we could "read" our fellow humans better, by seeing into their underlying physiological state. For example, we can observe when someone is angry, embarrassed, bashful, anemic, hot, cold, etc.

Understanding the use of color vision put us in the unique position to develop and patent technology that further enhances that signal.

Which has proven to be incredibly helpful not just for color deficients but also paramedics and other clinicians.

What is color vision for? Why do we have it? | VINO Optics