We have two Vein Finder Glasses technologies: the Oxy-Iso and Oxy-Amp.

Both require the user to secure strong white illumination, and avoid glare off the skin surface.

Both technologies work by allowing light deep into the skin to reflect out with the oxygenation signal, which is amplified by our patented filter. If there's no light from deep inside (due to too little light, or too much surface glare off the skin), then there's no signal to amplify.

The two techs have different purposes.

Oxy-Iso Vein Finder Glasses: For short term use, for vein access.

  • Cuts out a significant amount of light, so bringing enough illumination is crucial.
  • Modifies one’s normal clinical-perceptual sense of skin, so not recommended for all-day protective eyewear or for generic recognition of symptoms.

Oxy-Amp All-Day-Augmentation Glasses: For all-day use as protective eyewear that also augments veins and health states (such as erythema and cyanosis).

  • Cuts out very little light, so can be worn full time.
  • If lighting is not ideal, they are essentially just clear protective eyewear (the light pink is incidental).
  • If lighting is good, veins and health signs are enhanced, whether or not the wearer consciously realizes it.
  • Preserves and augments one’s normal clinical-perceptual sense.



  • For short term specialized vein access, the Oxy-Iso is recommended.
  • For general clinical use, the Oxy-Amp is recommended.


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VINO Optics O2Amp technology provides the eye protection medical personnel need, but with the vascular, clinical signs, and health perceptual enhancement they didn’t know they could get.

To learn more check out the whitepaper that details the three O2Amp Technologies.