Our patented vein-finding technology enhances the perception of variations in the oxygenation level of blood below the skin. This not only aids perception of veins, but also aids perception of emotion and states generally, like blushes, blanches, flushes, and so on. Some folks buy our Oxy-Amp technology to aid their perception of other's states -- their intent, feelings, etc.

Very Effective
I could notice [facial expressions] more effectively with the glasses
– Dr. Randal Heeb, the scientist behind the recent ruling that poker is game of skill, August 2012

I think the lenses help more at a subconscious level
I noticed yesterday after wearing the glasses a while I forget I about their "special powers" but I am also more aware of people's emotional state than I was before. For example, I had a borderline decision yesterday, one where the math etc, gave no clear answer. If I couldn't see my opponent, I would be flipping a coin to decide. But with the filter, I got the impression he was nervous and had a weaker hand, and he did! I am certain that my ability to "read" people's emotions (perhaps microexpressions?) is improved enough to make a noticeable impact.
– Faisi Lee, poker player, April 2013

I used the oxy-amp glasses at the Idaho State USPSA Championship on Sept. 10th
The glasses worked perfectly. They provided just enough contrast in the different shades of colors to help my eyes focus on targets vs background. I was able to place 6th in the limited division and 1st in limited b class.
I also shared the lens experience with fellow shooters having them try them on and compare them to the lenses they were using. The response was extremely positive from every shooter I had try them on.
I would love to continue to assist you in any way possible to further explore the application of these lenses in the practical shooting sports.
– Shane Steube, competitive handgun shooter, September 2016