This is exciting!
I have not been able to see colors my entire life.
They really work. I recommend them. Watch my video review: 
--Cary M. Silverman, MD, ophthalmic surgeon, Eyecare 20:20

I tried EnChroma's fit-over sunglasses
They would've been perfect except for the fact that they didn't correct my color blindness, whereas your formula does. ... I can testify that your lenses worked for me while the EnChroma lenses did not.
--Leslie F. Hancock, June 2, 2016

We have a colleague cardiologist with red-green color blindness (deuteranopia) who was willing to give these a try and let us know what he thinks
He tried the Oxy-Isos indoors and out, and compared what the skin on the face, arms, and palms looks like with and without the glasses. What he discovered is that veins become very apparent, looking almost like they’re glowing. He described it as “fluorescing,” though the glasses don’t actively excite blood in any way, instead relying on filtering light in a precise way. This effect was even more pronounced outdoors in bright light, revealing vasculature that otherwise seems hidden.
--Sept, 2016, Medgadget review.

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using your eyewear
Especially the Oxy-Iso glasses. I now use them in all of my leg vein procedures. Being color blind makes finding deeper (reticular) cutaneous veins a challenge; the Oxy-Iso eyewear makes them much easier to see. … We actually have the Christie Vein Viewer (one of the IR devices) in our office… Although it is a very cool product, it does markedly alter the appearance of veins and the treatment process itself. While I haven’t used the IR device much for sclerotherapy, I use my Oxy-Iso’s every single time. … I can't live without my VINO Optic Glasses!
--Daniel Friedmann, MD, Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery

Colorblind Art Students LOVE IT!
I lend out color-corrective glasses at my school and 8 out of 10 people have had better results with the 02's [VINO’s Oxy-Iso]. Better than other technology – like Enchroma. Your glasses have helped several of my students see reds and greens for the first time with dramatic results/improvements. Enchroma glasses have only worked on a few, with more subtle results. THANKS, cool product!
--Sean Harrington - Bartlett Art Department | March 2017

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  • Brianna Doherty, art student at Bartlett Art Department, detailing her first experience with the Oxy-Iso

I’m an Optometrist in Trinidad
A patient came in today having ordered your Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction Glasses on Amazon. He is red/green deficient (Deutan) and he sailed through the ishihara test. He was actually here for a contact lens fitting with the Chromagen X  lens which I have been using for the last few years for colour defects. The real test is with the Farnsworth D24 colour test and he did much better with your glasses than the contact lens! Im stunned.
And obviously want to know more and order.... Is there any way of doing this in prescription corrective lenses?
--Rashmi Mathur, Oct 5, 2016

I am a resident physician, so the cost caused me to pause but I decided to buy them
I was diagnosed with severe color deficiency in 5th grade and it has had huge impacts on my life, including preventing me from going into veterinary medicine, which was a life long dream.  I did continue to pursue medicine but it was not an easy process in many clinical areas.  These glasses changed my life.  The first night I had an admission with a severe rash, I could not see it.  When I placed the glasses on, it was beyond apparent.  I use the glasses in both the hospital and clinic to see any changes in skin, primarily erythema.  I also use them to see blood in urine, sputum, and in wound dressings.  I wear them into the operating room to differentiate tissue.  They help me to see changes in vitals on computer lab reports and with all things color coded.  Especially medical apps on my phone.  People do not realize just how much of the word is color coded.  These are just a few aspects of how these glasses have improved my ability to practice medicine, let alone changed my life. I also gave a lecture to all of the residents, attendings, and medical director on color deficiency and talked in great length about how your glasses changed my life. Highest regards.
--Jonathan Donahue, D.O. [Oxy-Iso]

I'm color deficient and work in the medical field 
These glasses help so much you can't just make a specific video, I have had them for about a year and wearing them I have discovered, not exaggerating, a new color or simply a hidden one I have never seen before in my everyday life.
--Christopher Barron, July 26, 2016. [Oxy-Iso]

Shiver of excitement
I've just received a couple of special specs to attempt to reduce my colour blindness, from Mark Changizi and VINO Optics. When I first put one of them on, I got a shiver of excitement at how vibrant and red lips, clothes and other objects around me seemed. I've just done a quick 8 plate Ishihara colour blindness test. I scored 0/8 without the specs (so obviously colour blind), but 8/8 with them on (normal colour vision)!”
--Daniel Bor, psychologist, University of Sussex, author, The Ravenous Brain.

“Received my glasses today and all I can say is AMAZING! I put these on and WOW. The Enchroma glasses have nothing on these. Truly remarkable I have never seen color like this before ...... I have both and the Enchroma (although stylish) didn't do anything for me. These VINO Optics glasses, however, are amazing! I am trying to go through the proper channels about changing current color vision laws for Merchant Mariners under (United States Coast Guard) because these glasses will prove once I get back to my ship and use these at night, why they should be treated as a prescription for people like me who are red-green deficient. There are people that I know right now with they don't wear the prescription glasses to see regularly can't even see the instruments to read properly. With the advance of color vision glasses, I don't see why I can't be treated the same way with these color vision correctors?
--Michael Labit

Yesterday was the opening event of the exhibition, we made a video at the exact moment that I try the glasses. Once they're edited I’ll send you the link. Thanks for the amazing Oxy-Iso initiative.”
--Luiz Filho, colorblind artist, Oct 5, 2016

It was amazing! I could see many colors never seen before!
"Are you moving forward with prescription color blindness lenses? I’ve had your glasses for three years (and wrote an enthusiastic article about them). Still, use them. Love them. I’ve also tried Enchroma lenses, which happen not to do anything for my variety of color blindness.
--Bruce Berls, June 2016.

5 out of 5 stars. Well made, works exactly as advertised, another tool for the arsenal
I was lucky enough to try these and the O2 Amp glasses out while working in a Level I trauma center and in the field for EMS. First off, let's talk about what these are NOT, as that will ensure anyone reading this understand exactly what we're talking about. These glasses are not $40k pieces of infrared equipment (VeinFinders), and they are not a magical tool that makes veins jump out at you from across the room. If you are looking for a product that makes you see like Superman, you're out of luck here. However, if you are a professional that is looking to practice their tradecraft, and potentially add another tool to their ever expanding arsenal then these may be for you. As with anything in medicine, the user's skills and their willingness to practice will make or break your experience with this product and it's related product family from O2 Amp. These glasses provide a way to add CONTRAST between veins and skin, and at times can help you find veins that aren't quite popping up, but are easily accessible and visible with the added contrast. Do you have "that" person that you call when you can't get an IV/straight stick? If so, then consider these an additional tool to try before calling them, you may find that you' have a better success rate simply because you are finding veins that aren't quite as obvious, but are just as suitable for use. When I received the package(s), both times the glasses came well packed in a padded box with a nice bag protecting the glasses. When I first put them on, I immediately noticed a "color" difference when looking around. Each user will experience a slightly different effect based on their own personal anatomy and the lighting they are in, this is due to the polarization and composition of the lenses themselves. When I looked at my own hand to see what kind of "magic" they had, I personally noticed more of a difference with the Oxy-Iso. After researching and asking many questions of the O2 Team, I've come to believe this is due to my specific anatomy and the lighting that I've been using/around. One thing I did notice is that the fit can seem a little "off" at first, but if you brace the frame just behind the lenses and adjust the ear pieces you can make them fit perfectly (they are made to be adjustable, I suggest bracing because I initially thought they weren't because the mechanism is tight to ensure they maintain their position). Moving onto patient contacts; I noticed that I really wasn't using them every single time I started a line or did phlebotomy. This is mainly due to my own personal preference as I'm a male and the pink color tends to attract a lot of attention (in a trauma situation I don't like to be "attention grabbing"). However, when I found myself sitting down for the "long haul" to search for a vein on a tough stick patient, or in situation where I was having trouble visualizing or palpating any venous access points, I made it a point to pull out these glasses. During these times, under the right light conditions, I found there was a good bit more contrast added to my vision field, and I did see "more" veins on some of my patients that I wasn't visualizing prior to putting them on. I wouldn't say the glasses made them unbelievably apparent, but they did add enough assurance of the size and structure that I felt comfortable making an attempt on those locations. To wrap this up, I would say these glasses do pretty much exactly what they are advertised as doing. They add CONTRAST to you field of vision when you utilize light sources that have a broad spectrum of light, and they double as safety glasses for PPE. They are NOT magical glasses that will make even the worst phlebotomist "find" a vein, but they WILL add another tool to a practiced hand's arsenal. My only dislike about them is the coloring of the lenses, which is just an inherent property of the material and polarization. Should you dock them just for color or some style marks? No. If you're looking for functionality they are just that. Remember they are not a muli-thousand dollar piece of equipment (VeinFinder), but if used correctly and per the manufacturers instructions, you will see some benefit and additional resource when you are trying to find veins.
--zzzsaxon, August 22, 2016

I found the red one to be useful (or, at least, the one that my wife tells me is red!). It makes many colors more vivid, although what looks white without them has just the slightest tinge of pink through the lens. Compared to the other two, it's much closer to what I have imagined that "normal" people see, and the colors match up with what I'm told they are.
--Russell Belding

They are so cool!
We’ve been having a blast having different people in the newsroom who are colorblind check them out. Thanks again.
--Ty Brennan, KSAZ Fox News, August 31, 2016.

5 out of 5 stars. A must have!
Initially, I was skeptical but I had to try it. I was not disappointed. Some of the smaller veins that I could not see before I'm just amazed that I can see the things with the Oxy-Iso that I can't with my naked eye. The fact that they give correction for my color blindness in regards to what I need to do for my job is Simply Amazing. The veins "pop" best way to describe it. Even the smallest most minute of veins that I did not notice with my naked eye I can see with these glasses. A must have. Initially, I had purchased the other pair for normal color vision. And I was let down. The company contacted me and this was corrected. This company has five-star service.
--By Patrick Ball, August 23, 2016.

5-star. Awesome product good for colorblind test
Red and Green colorblind no problem and seller is amazing paid extra shipping cost to get my glasses here before my test. AND yes I passed the test and currently have a job.
--By Amazon Customer on August 27, 2016

Your VINO Optics glasses just nearly eliminated my wife's color blindness!
It was incredible to watch her take those tests.
--Samuel Arbesman, scientist, author of Half-Life of Facts, writer for WIRED

The oxy-iso lens blew me away!
All of a sudden, the numbers just appeared on the screen!” Debra Miller Arbesman.
“Putting on the Oxy-Iso lenses is almost scary as it reveals clear and intentional color differences that I could not see at all. It reveals something everyone sees but me.
--Luke Harrington

I bought these as a gift for a friend of mine
He is a 50 year old man who has been colour blind all his life. He loves the glasses and wears them all the time especially for driving as he he says the colour enhancement is amazing. As a man myself, I am bordering colour blind and cannot pass the Ishihara colour blind test. When the lenses were delivered here I tried them myself and passed the test easily. So I would recommend them. For reference the lenses are quite thick and would not be easy to break by children.
--Stephen J.

Works Great!
I'm using some of your lenses to differentiate between colours in A-level chemistry as I'm colourblind, they work!
--Alastair Paterson

Great improvement in my color vision
I have just received the glasses I ordered and I am pleased to say there is a definite improvement in my colour vision.
--Keith Rogan 

5 out of 5 stars
My name is David Weinfeld, and I am the medical student who you helped out greatly with histology. I wanted to thank you personally for you kindness and willingness to help me out on such short notice. I wanted to also update you on the successes and roadblocks I encountered in using the lenses. While wearing the glasses, I was able to better visualize pinks and reds that I otherwise didn't believe were there; for histology, this was critical. As I wore the glasses, however, I found no difference in my ability to differentiate purple from blues. If I had to take an educated guess, I would say that the pinkish tint to the glasses was the source of that issue. Considering pinks and purples look similar to me at times, and because blue and purple are nearly impossible for me to differentiate, the purple (with a pink tint) was still difficult to identify. In the cadaver lab, however, I was able to visualize the muscle color better, and when testing the glasses on friends, I could more easily see their veins and even the redness in their faces (which I know was the original aim of the glasses). I look forward to using the glasses in clinical settings down the road, so I don't miss major learning opportunities or keys to finding the correct diagnoses!
I wanted to thank you again for rushing this order and helping me out. These glasses will most likely make a markable difference in my clinical experiences in a few years. This entire ordeal has inspired me to conduct some research on colorblindness and how to best account for it in Histology classes (my school requires students to participate in a mandatory,  longitudinal research project, and I am currently talking with my histology professor about pursuing a projects along those lines). Your TED talk and published articles were not only inspirations for this project, but will also be great resources moving forward. Thank you so much for not only rushing out the glasses to my parents, but also helping me realize what clues/signs I was missing and what unseeable limitations I can combat moving forward.
--David Weinfeld, September 13, 2016

(Speechless) WOW!
This is the first time I can go through the Ishihara test without feeling like an idiot. I went through it with my colleagues and they said I looked like a child opening Christmas presents. Hahaha! Reds scream at you! the contrast with the greens is truly remarkable. My colleagues were impressed by how veins stand out, it is really something big. Every day I find new things, it's like having a new pair of eyes. Thanks, Mark. Truly remarkable. Congratulations! Great job!
--Dr. Matias Nochetto

I wanted to send you a sincere, heartfelt thank you for your work on the VINO Optics Oxy-Iso lenses!
My boyfriend is red-green colorblind, and after 30 years he is now able to see the rosiness of his niece’s cheeks, the shades of red brick on the streets of Boston, and a full spectrum of colors which he has never experienced. He received the lenses yesterday and he has not taken them off aside from when he slept. Again, thank you so very, very much.
--Katie Ireson

Thrilled I did an Ishihara test
Wonderful! I think it was a good buy.
-- Mauro Farbene

A quick scan of the real world and yes there seems to be something to this
The evergreen trees definitely popped more green than the brown grass and leaves. It will not revolutionize my life, but I look forward to carrying one of these lenses in my bag to use whenever I go clothes shopping or similar.

My first word when I put on the glasses: “Wow!”
I’ve since used that word many, many times. On a 38 plate Ishihara test for red-green colorblindness I scored 50% without the glasses and 100% with them! Before these glasses, I had no idea how dull the world looked through my eyes. Reds really pop. So do blues. I knew that I didn’t have many, if any, green cones so I did not expect much help with greens and, indeed, I only received minimal improvement with greens. I also knew that the glasses would sacrifice yellows and whites and, indeed, they are darker for me with the glasses. I have worn the glasses to see paintings, flowers, television, old photos, and I even stopped in a paint store to see the phenomenal change in color swatches.
--Mark S. Kramer (San Diego)

I can play Tetris now!
I can add that as I have had these on more I discovered that I can now play all of those color based Tetris like games that I always screwed up before. Recognizing that red's are actually lighter than I knew was a real revelation as well. Please dont hesitate ..these glasses bring a new level of color to those who otherwise wouldn't have the chance.
--Bobby J. (Florida)

If your on the fence about these, let me just say that I can honestly say these work
Although to the degree of the users ailment will determine the final result, for me, being hopelessly colorblind I can differentiate colors, the reds jump into out, I still fail the tests but I couldn't care less because I can see the difference in colors now.
--David Coates (Columbus)

My son saw colors for the first time!
He is like a kid with a new & important toy! It is like a miracle. Thank you.
--Sandra (New Orleans)

5 out of 5 stars. Amazing product!!! THANK YOU very much
I have two students who immediately tried them on and found huge success with them. We are currently working with a local optometrist to order or carry them so our vision insurance will cover them or at least flex spending dollars. We will continue to show them to our students and hopefully, drive some sales your direction. I have shared with our current road medics as well and they all seem very interested by the technology. As a paramedic instructor, I have had many students struggle with seeing veins for IV starts over the years. I recently had a student who had some levels of color blindness and was having serious challenges with learning proper technique as they couldn't visualize a vein to begin to palpate. When they used these glasses, they reported night and day difference for them and were ecstatic with how these performed in the field. As an EMS educator, I would advocate for anyone who suffers from challenges starting IVs to check these out, they are truly remarkable. Thank you very much.
--Matthew Drake EMT-P, I/C  Clinical Coordinator, Mobile Medical Response, Inc., September 15, 2016. 
I had to try them, working in the Dental field, colors are very important in many aspects of my practice
They vary from instruments identification, diagnosis of the oral cavity, and many other aspects. I went from the muted colors that I was used to all my life, to what I perceive as a more bold, and brighter red and greens. To me, the darker red shades, like maroons and burgandy colors are lighter with the oxy-iso on. I went from not seeing any numbers on the online color blindness tests, to seeing most of them. It has been stated that there may be some limitations of these online test due to screen settings and ambient light. But going from seeing nothing to almost all of them is truly remarkable to me.
--DKH (Glen Cove)

I am a physician, and even a simple sorethroat has been a challenge
As soon as I put these glasses on I went through the Ishihara Test with my colleagues and they said I looked like a child opening Christmas presents. Hahaha! Reds scream at you! The contrast with greens is truly remarkable. My colleagues where impressed by how veins stand out, it is really something big.
--Dr. M.

Great for work!
Certainly do what I need, to help me fill my job requirements, very happy. Thank you very much O2 amp
--Jean-Guy Sasseville

5 stars out of 5
My husband can see color again. I was provided with a pair of these glasses in November to review on my website. I was so blown away by them, that I had to add my thoughts here too. My husband had an illness that caused him to develop red/green color blindness as a teen. Who knew that could even happen? But it did. By the time I met him, he could see yellows and browns and dull blues in place of red, purple, green and blue. People don't often think of color blindness as a handicap in the day-to-day world, and it isn't, but it is a condition that can now be remedied with $300 glasses - the same amount you would pay for designer glasses. // My husband could immediately see color at night in our house, he could see Christmas lights outside. The next day he could see color in our environment. He is like a child, that joy of seeing color. These glasses are not limited to one environment, like others are. He's worn them at the movie theater to see movies in full color, at night, at daytime. He was amazed by the super market and all the colors advertisers throw at you there. These really work, I am amazed, he is amazed, and I highly suggest them.
--The Mom Buzz,  November 23, 2016

Easy Ishihara!
Without the Oxy-Iso he could “see” by tracing with his finger 4 of the Ishihara plates. After he could see all but 2 of the trickier ones and was able to trace those.
--Justin Nyquist

I tried VINO glasses to correct for my colorblindness
They’re very effective at enabling me to notice some shades of red that I’ve found hard to see.

This is a life-changing product!
For 73 years I have been seriously handicapped by red-green colour blindness. I can now read all the Ishihara tests with ease and can see blossoms on the trees for the first time! Thank you very much.
--David A., March 30, 2013

I gave the three educational ones to one of my Corpsman
She says that they're great for finding veins. And she's been showing them to the Marines that test colorblind. The [framed] ones that you sent, I've been wearing on convoys. So, all 4 are getting some good use. Thank you very much.
--Sgt Schroeder, Joshua C. (USMC)

These lenses have reduced my colorblindness tremendously
I hope 2AI Labs can further fine-tune and develop a lens that will not dilute the blues and yellows as much, but the reds and greens are absolutely outstanding! It's almost eerie being able to see some of these colors for the first time!
--Ryan Johnson

Color correction, not the best - but - added contrast and defintion make up for it
The only reason this item was not rated a 5 was because it only helped a little in regards to color correction (red/green) - however - in terms of contrast and definition, these were fantastic. The only way I can explain that is to say that when I look out into the woods, it looks like a 2D painting, there is no depth involved. Using these lenses (which I had put into overwrap sunglasses), everything now looks to be in 3D, which I never noticed before until using these lenses. Considering color correction sunglasses go for $400 or more, these were well worth it. They look pink in the frames and for me they turn a red stop sign almost into orange but as stated, the contrast these bring out make it all worth it. Never knew what I was missing until now.
--Mtmonadnck, March 1, 2017

I have the oxy iso and they are great. 100% score. Fabulous.

After 20+ years of medical education, I had a healthy skepticism about these glasses
I mean, how can you "cure" color-blindness, my cone cells have a mutation and my brain has learned to adapt. My eyes simply can't absorb light at those frequencies. But, I was intrigued. As a surgeon, being color blind has not affected me as much as you might think, texture is very important, as is consistency, and I think I rely on those cues all the time. However, I do have a problem telling if something is bile-stained versus just bloody, and dark bloody emesis I could only tell by the smell. But as an art lover, and flower lover, being color blind is just annoying. Not to mention trying to shop at places like J. Crew where all the stupid colors are like, "stone" and "sledge". What? Anyway, I bought these on a lark, and OH MY GOD, THEY WORK!!! I only get 1 right on the Ishihara color blindness plate test (red-green and some blue-yellow deficiencies), but with these glasses, I got more than half right! It makes everything brighter and so much more intense! I scrolled through a website of Impressionist paintings and it was incredible! Beautiful!! I can see red flowers on trees now!! I can see the red on birds' wings!! It's actually almost overwhelming, I don't wear them very often because it makes me a little sad that I've lived 44 years with a muted palette. I haven't tried them in the OR yet, but I'm on call Wednesday... Makes me wish I'd invented or invested.
--Dr. Marie Crandall, Associate Professor of Surgery, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

I tested the glasses on a r-g deficient patient and he was amazed.
--Dr. Jeff Sciberras, Optometrist

Just received my VINO Optics Oxy-Iso glasses. Real colors are weirder than I ever knew!
Amazing I am seeing new colors for the first time!
--Brian Weston

I realized. all the rainbow color I have been seeing is all bleached out looking rainbow
With this oxy-iso put on, I can see more colors, traffic lights are more clear, sporty looking glasses, I can see the numbers on the color testing board (that book shows number in the colorful circle thing), and best of all, now I can understand why my wife wants hot pink underwear... lol
--Jimmy Kim

When I first put on the Oxy-Iso glasses I was blown away with red
It was though someone had turned lights on the roses in my back yard and I actually saw some deep red mums on a plant that I thought had not bloomed . I saw pink in the sunset and I can hardly wait for the leafs to change. However, after I was taken by the brightness of the reds is how all shades and values of greens seemed to turn into a muted, kind of ugly almost brown color. My second surprise was the difficulty in telling orange and red from each other. As a painter I will keep the glasses to augment my color mixing to include red and orange shades when needed, however I will take them off to observe the depth of the greens. As a side note I passed every tile in the Ishihara charts (26 out of 26); something I usually get maybe three correct with at least one good (lucky) guess.
--A. John

I use these for work purposes, to see changes in color for lab tests
They help so much, especially where my main problem is waiting for purple to turn blue. Great product, glad I came across these.
--Jeffrey Williams
5 stars. Colorblind Hunter
I’m an avid bow hunter and I’m red green color blind so it’s almost impossible for me to follow a blood trail and recover downed game, mostly white tailed deer. I always had to rely on fellow hunter to help me out. one day I googled color blind cures and the VINO glasses came up. I decided to try them out, hoping they would help me see blood on a forest floor. Bottom line THE GLASSES WORK! The first time I tried them, I was able help my son in law recover a deer at night. I found they work especially well tracking at night with the use of very “white light” that you get from a lantern or some better flashlights. I would recommend these to any hunter with similar color.
– Jose Prieto, December 2019

I have Red Green colorblindness. I used these glasses last night to watch the Movie "OZ the Great and Powerful"
I could not believe all the great colors. I realized last night how much I have really missed over the years. The glasses do not fix everything. I still cannot see the difference between the Yellow and Red on most stop lights. I plan on trying them again in our next movie. I have also started using them when I touch up my photos in PhotoShop. My wife tells me the final results are much better. The price is steep but I can tell you I have enjoyed them.

These glasses are indeed incredible
For years I thought that I was stupid until I realised in my 20s that I was colour blind. When I got the glasses, I immediately tried the Ishihara test, and got 100%. I can appreciate so much colour contrast that before I just had to take on trust. Everything seems so much clearer; it is as if I have turned on the contrast button.They are little short of miraculous. Well done!!!
--Chris Finch, Sept 30, 2013
Words can’t express how it feels...

Read more:

Lens actually make a significant difference.
--Marek M., June 19, 2013

I can't say enough about Karen, the General Manager at LensCrafters at Parkway Plaza. I needed a special set of color vision lenses (VINO Optics Oxy-Iso; available from Amazon) cut and fitted to frames and she offered to do it. I hadn't expected LensCrafters to do it because neither the lenses nor the frames were from LensCrafters. She and the staff were as excited as I was about the lenses that allow me to see red and green; everyone had to try them once they were cut! I am so thankful for Karen and her team for doing this. They receive my highest recommendation!
--Mark K., Oct 6, 2013

Amazing product!
I passed the color vision test for the first time... in tears! Wow!"
--Computer Guy, Dec 6, 2013

When the glasses arrived he looked at the test plates and couldn't distinguish the hidden numbers without the glasses
However with the glasses on he could distinguish them all. He has also used them in his college lab work. He is very excited to have them. They were well packaged and as usual arrived very quickly. Highly recommended!
--R. Drew, December 12, 2013

Currently, I occasionally try them during orthopedic surgeries, but mostly during spays and castrations
Some of the pregnant or recently pregnant dogs/cats (especially cats) have large networks of enlarged superficial vasculature just beneath the skin, and the glasses can be beneficial in identifying and avoiding these during the initial incision.
--Dr. Aaron Raney, color-deficient veterinarian

Worth It!
To me, as a dirt-poor teenager, these were absolutely worth the $277. My world is not "fixed", but I can find things I've never noticed before. I can see things in art that escaped me before. A world of plant life that had escaped my notice, or was simply a pain to focus on, is now much easier for me to view, assuming I have them with me. The first month was the most exciting, of course, but I find myself appreciating them fairly regularly, even more so as we head into the Christmas season.
--Swamp Gentleman, December, 2013

I am super happy with these glasses!
Love love love them... totally worth the money
--Sherri, December 2013

Your amazing lenses have changed my life!
Gardens, Art galleries, and even just day-to-day activities are filled with new color experiences. Thank you.
--Herbert Connor, chemist, January 2014

There is no question they help to enhance certain colors (at the expense of some green shades)
The positive effects outweigh the negative. I am very pleased with this product.
--Lance Tidemann, January 2014

5 stars!
My son has a red/green deficiency when it comes to color and could never get any of the numbers right on the standard color blind tests. These glasses enabled him to clearly identify all the numbers when taking the test with the glasses on. They have helped him during his chemistry labs at school. We were amazed.

Tested and Approved
To test these glasses, I conducted two field tests: one in my classroom at school and one outside at my town carnival. Both tests were received humorously by those who witnessed me. That said, I was seriously impressed. In my classroom, under fluorescent lights, it took about thirty minutes for my eyes/mind to adjust to the color shift provided by the glasses. After that, I truly felt like what I was better than my normal vision. My results in the second test were the same, though my adjustment time felt a bit shorter with this test. Either way, in both tests, my vision improved. The glasses helped to balance the colors I saw, reduced the harshness of the light (both natural and artificial), and somehow brightened what I saw. I will be honest: I don’t understand the science here, but I do know that these glasses improved my vision. I retook my colorblindness test and I could “see” about twice as many of the numbers as before. I didn’t get a perfect score still, but anecdotally, I was able to correct identify the vast majority of numbers on the test, which was enough evidence for me. And to be honest, I think I may have just discovered my new pair of sunglasses. I don’t know what the official rating on these lenses is with regard to the sun, but they did the trick for me. My second field test was a very sunny day, and I have very light eyes, which means that I squint a ton when outside. With the Oxy-Iso glasses on, I was able to see perfectly without squinting, without the usual frustration of headaches that I am prone to get when I go outside without sunglasses. If you’re colorblind designer who’s struggled a lot with getting things “just so,” the Oxy-Iso glasses might be something to consider. For a bit more info from 02Amp, here’s a TEDx
If you’re colorblind designer who’s struggled a lot with getting things “just so,” the Oxy-Iso glasses might be something to consider. For a bit more info from 02Amp, here’s a TEDx talk was given by their co-founder.
--Phil Schneider, Oct 14, 2016

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Great! A great relief for a colourblind artist!
Fantastic. Greater contrast in color! As an artist, these glasses are liberating. Only downsides are a slight dimming overall and yellows are less vibrant. But on the whole, a great improvement for painting, watching movies, pictures and paintings, and scenery.
--February 7, 2014 By P K Trinh.
5 out of 5 stars I can see the green!
Before the glasses, I could see the color green, but I had difficulty in detecting some tones. Now, I can see all the numbers Ishhara test! The impression I get is that it improves the contrasts that I can see. I'm wearing my glasses as sunglasses on day to day and found that the distortions it causes in some colors are reduced after a long time of use. After a few minutes, the "red" caused in the white surfaces and grays disappears. In about an hour, the other colors except for green and red, such as yellow, almost back to normal. These observations involving time and color distortions were perceived by me, a colorblind person to green, and my girlfriend, who has normal vision. We did the tests on a car journey to the beach that lasted about ten hours. I highly recommend this product!
--By Franco, March 12, 2014

Very cool!
I've had the clip-on for 3 days -a whole new world! Will write a column next week in my newspaper. Maybe you'll get some good local coverage instead of national coverage. Dinner is on me if you decide to make a trip to Lincoln Nebraska!

I see new colors!
All color blind guys (1 in 10) check out my new discovery. Many of you may have seen me wearing rose colored glasses during the past month and many of you have asked “what’s up?” with the new look. While reading an article in Readers Digest, Linda suggested that I read the article and check out O2 AMP TM, because she knows that I am red-green color blind. In fact, one in 10 men is red-green color blind.
Sounds complicated, but I can see colors, just hues in the red-green, purple-blue-black, yellow-orange-red realm appear differently to me. Some people know they are color blind, but many don’t know until they take a color blind test where the patient picks out numbers in a series of colored dots. When I was in my early 20’s getting a prescription for my first pair of glasses I took the test and found out I was color blind. I remember seeing numbers on a few pages and no numbers on several pages; when I did see a number, I hollered, “I see a 29!” The eye doctor retorted, “You’re supposed to see a 47!” Then he told me I was red-green color blind. If I travel by myself, Bear matches my clothes so I don’t look like I dressed in the dark. When our son, Asa, was little, he made me quit picking out clothes for him, and one day put his foot down and said, “I’m tired of looking like a clown every day like you dad!” Since then I ask advice from random others for what colors are what when shopping for clothes and other items. I decided to check out this new product and went to the VINO Optics website. I read in earnest what this lens does for people who have similar problems as myself and found out the following information:
  • Oxy-Iso is Colorblind Correction Medical Eyewear
  • There is an ABC News/Nightline video that details this invention
  • A Oxy-Iso compact brochure.
  • *A Clinical Color blindness white paper that delves into the medical world of vision and how important it is for the medical profession to see the colors the human body has in all treatments. (“Doctors and nurses rely on color vision for diagnosing illness
Red-green color blindness robs them of the ability to see numerous symptoms. It can be practically impossible for color deficient’s to see veins, vasculature, pallor, cyanosis, jaundice, rashes, bruising, erythema, retinal damage, ear and throat inflammation, blood in excretions, and even medical charts and graphs. The lenses make the invisible, visible.
How it works: The Oxy-Iso aids red-green color blindness by enhancing the oxygenation signal which red-green color vision is designed to see. For this reason it is also used for vein-finding by medical personnel with normal color vision.
All that research on my part, including watching the ABC video, was intriguing and I determined to try this so I ordered the clip-on version of the lens for around $100.  Two rose colored discs with little handles on them came in the mail and I had no idea what to do next, so I contacted co-founder Dr. Mark Changizi, at, and he told me to go to an optical place and they would set me up. In fact, Dr. Changizi was very helpful and we traded several emails on the subject.
I tried Wal-Mart optical, but they suggested I go to Heartland Optical at 1012 North 27th Street in Lincoln. I explained the new lens discovery to Casey Conrad, who owns Heartland with his brother Tom, and they had not heard of this new lens, but were able to size the rose colored discs onto a clip-on frame to fit over my prescription glass frame for a nominal fee. A week later, I was seeing the colors most everyone else sees all the time. I had no idea what fire engine red was until I looked at Danny Harms pickup parked in downtown Hickman. I sat there taking off and putting on my new glasses, taking in what I used to think was fire engine red and enjoying what fire engine red really looked like. And I see Husker red now!
As much driving as I do every month covering sports events and running around for newspaper assignments, the car colors, in general, have been a real discovery. Black is now green, a variety of reds and blues, and even the lines along the highway are fluorescent yellow and orange. I never saw fluorescent. Add in flowers, artwork at the St, Louis Museum of Art, all the colors at the fabulous City Museum in St. Louis, I feel like a kid discovering things for the first time at 61 years old. It reminds me of when Asa was little strapped in his car seat and I would test him on what words were on every sign along Highway 77 into Lincoln since we were in the vehicle together a lot of the time. After he read the First State Bank sign, he was quiet for a few miles and then he blurted, “Wow dad, I was dreaming with my eyes open!” Yes, he discovered day dreaming for the first time. Many people are curious and ask about the glasses, others just gaze and wonder what new thing this old guy is wearing, and others have given me grief harkening back to fashions in the 1970’s.
It doesn’t bother me at all as long as it works for me. I watched the fabulous 1942 “White Christmas” movie we have saved on our DVR the other night, starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Allen, and I had a blast seeing brighter and newer colors of the costumes and sets. I can’t wait to watch the Disney classic, “Fantasia”! In fact, every day is a new discovery of color for me.
One cooler thing I’d have to say is a bonus; for the first time, I see depth in artwork, commercial signs, and advertising logos, to name a few. I can now see where advertising agencies develop logos and ad campaigns using colors to draw your attention to the product. // One of our friends commented they weren’t colorblind, and could not see the depth I was chatting about. After a few weeks of wearing the new clip-on, I can see where one would get used to seeing depth and not know they are being wooed by subliminal advertising tactics because they see it everyday.
So, if you know of guys or children that are red-green color blind, or are interested in becoming an electrician or want to go into the medical profession and are hesitant because of color blindness, I suggest checking this new technology out. It’s a life changer for me, and I am really glad it happened in my lifetime. Plus, it’s making a big difference today in the medical profession for the first time in medical history.
--Hatters rack, 5-15-14, VOICE News, Hickman, NE Page 4, By Bill Bryant, Co-Publisher,

5 of 5 | These glasses are fantastic!
Bought them for my son who is color blind and going into nursing.
--Heather W., May 11, 2014

I find it has more benefits than negatives with reds enhanced in exchange for some loss of green but not bad
And they serve as sunglasses that still can go into the early evening. Price could go down for mass appeal.
--H Burgos, MD, May 17, 2014

I have purchased the original [Oxy-Iso] frame and lens for my color blind eyes. Its really great!
--Bruno Bingei

Just received my glasses, fantastic can see colors for the first time. HD like
many thanks!
--Dave Sillitoe, Jun 7th

Sir...I received my lens and I'm so shocked to believe the difference I'm able to clearly see all ishihara color plates where I could not before...I'm so amazed thank you."         --Brent Croymans, June 2014

4 out of 5 stars so I could easily flip them up when not needed
A bit pricey for me, but I'm in construction and I need to see paint marks on the ground. Red's hard for me to see and pink is invisible to me. If you're reading this you're probably colorblind and know exactly what I'm talking about. With these lenses, red jumps out at me, and I can find pink if I look for it.
With these lenses, red jumps out at me, and I can find pink if I look for it. Its not miraculous, but they help greatly. These don't help me distinguish red from orange, or help me much with the wiring in general, and when wearing them everything has a pinkish tint. I got flip up, clip on frames for mine, so I could easily flip them up when not needed.
--Bender, July 16, 2014

These really work!
Without the glasses I failed to see the color patterns in every slide of the Ishihara test. With the glasses I saw them all. I'm using them to help me get a driver's license in China. Thanks!
--Timothy Jett, August 1, 2014

When I use the eyewear, for me, people seem a lot brighter/glowing as if radioactive!
Especially lips. I've never experienced lips stand out like they do with the glasses! I find it fascinating watching people talk when wearing them because lips just look so bright as if they're jumping out from the face.
--Adam Fenton, colorblind artist.

If These Seem Right For You, Give Them a Chance and See What You're Missing!
I am red-green colorblind and these glasses have allowed me to get a glimpse into what the world looks like to people with normal vision. The reviews for this product are all over the place and I think this may be because colorblindness itself is an affliction with a broad spectrum of impact. I've been using this product for over a year and I really like it, but can see why people might not because they expect the whole world to look different. I myself have strong protonopia, but people can also have deuternopia or tritanopia and these conditions all have different levels of severity. Below I will describe how I see certain things in the world and how these glasses help, or in some cases, do not help so you can compare with yourself to help determine if they are right for you. In general I have serious trouble seeing most green, pink, red and purple. Red is shifted heavily to black, purple is dark blue, pink is mostly grey and green is all kinds of different colors.
For example:
  • The green in traffic lights is actually cream colored to me, almost entirely white. The glasses do not help me with this at all.
  • The red in traffic lights is very dark and during the day it is often invisible (often times I think the light isn't working!), the glasses brighten red dramatically and I can actually see the red light very clearly.
  • Most grass looks bright yellow or brown. The glasses change this dramatically as I can now tell that grass is green and looks much darker (and better!) with the glasses on.
  • Most trees and their leaves look brown or yellow to me. The yellow leaves turn green with the glasses on and a few trees have an absolutely jaw-dropping shade of what I guess is green! I now actually get it when people say forests look beautiful cause the color is actually pleasing to look at! Sadly tho, about 70% of trees and plants, mostly the brown ones, stay brown. However, I while I can't see all the true colors I can see differences between plants and trees a lot better instead of just a sea of brown and/or yellow.
  • The red in stop signs and on Coca-Cola Packaging is incredibly dark red to me, almost black. With the glasses on, the red pops out dramatically on these things and a lot of other red in the world! I always thought that "bright red" things were rare, now I see they are quite common! Amazing to look at. Ketchup for some reason looks exactly the same with glasses on.
  • There is a variation of green I don't see in nature but must be prominent as a lot of people say cars, t-shirts, some painted walls etc are this color. The only example I can find of this is the Philadelphia Eagles uniform. I'm a big fan and my friends talk a lot about the cool green color of the jerseys. They are completely grey to me and the glasses change nothing.
  • Pink is another color I struggle with and apparently a lot of flowers have pink in them. Most things that people think are bright pink actually look like red and grey mixed, this is the case with a lot of flowers. With the glasses on some pink jumps out as a very bright color. However, a lot of pink is grey to me and the "grey pink" isn't affected by the glasses.
  • Special note: If something is green, pink or whatever to someone else and you see it as grey, its likely that you are simply unable to view that color no matter what glasses or enhancements you use. You can try these but your eyes probably lack the necessary cones to see that spectrum of light.
  • I still cannot tell the difference between blue and purple with the glasses on. Apparently purple is common in fashion and nature, but its just dark blue to me.
  • The sky is still blue with these on. Not a surprise since I have no trouble seeing blue. Although the glasses do for some reason make the sky look richer and less hazy on most days which is nice.
  • There are so many other instances where these glasses help me notice things I have never seen when out and about in everyday life and when staying home and relaxing out in the yard, watching movies, playing video games, looking at pictures/magazines. However, there are 2 things to keep in mind:
    • Most of the world looks the same! I was expecting profound differences in everything but all the white, black, blue, grey, yellow, and a lot of other colors in the world are exactly the same as they were but with an additional reddish tint (which to be honest can be annoying and is why I don't wear the glasses all the time!)
    • The only practical application of these glasses that I found is daytime driving (it's too dark to use them at night sadly, because they would be very helpful there too since traffic lights really blend in with city ones to me!). However, it does help with navigating traffic signals immensely.
While not "practical" these are nice to have around for other reasons. It's always interesting to see how most people in the world see things and these glasses make a lot of things look brighter and nicer so I also take them along when viewing any area with a lot of plants and even city environments which I've found have a lot of red in their art, ads etc.
In terms of value, these glasses are less than half the price of their competition and the sellers have very forgiving return policies. I wish they came with a case, but I've gotten by just fine in the past year without one. I know the glasses are expensive but if you are colorblind in a fashion similar to me and have the money to spare, I recommend at least trying them. You probably won't wear them every day, but you can likely see some things you would forever miss without them!
Hope this review helps! I'll update if I notice anything else and am happy to answer questions.
--By Professor David DiRusso, August 7, 2014

I am a color blind gamer
My color blindness makes it difficult to differentiate between certain colors, for example; blue and purple. It hindered my ability to fully enjoy the online gaming experience because of my color mixing problem. After receiving the Oxy-Iso glasses I noticed that when playing online games with the glasses on I was able to separate the colors so they would not mix and they also enhanced the vibrancy of colors. Due to this ability, I was able to detect enemy players by the enhanced color identifiers above the players’ heads. Because of these glasses I have had a brand new gaming experience, allowing me to fully see colors that I could not before, therefore enhancing my abilities as a gamer and allowing significant improvement to my eyesight. Some games have color blindness assistance built-in, I can tell you that the Oxy-Iso glasses are far more effective than any built-in color blind assist I have seen.
--Hunter Cruz, August 2014.

When I first heard about these glasses I was very skeptical that they could help someone with color blindness
I thought that there would be no way to ever tell the difference between certain colors. Once I received these glasses, I was excited to try them out. When I put on the glasses I was shocked to find that they actually worked. Blues and purples all looked the same to me before, but when I put these glasses on, they became two different colors. And many other colors that I did not know I was partially colorblind too, became more vivid. I went online to try colorblind tests with all the dots that reveal numbers. I was surprised at how many tests I could actually see the numbers in. I would take off the glasses and not see these numbers. But when I put the glasses back on, I could see them clearly. I highly recommend these to anybody who struggles with color blindness.
--Skylar Nicholes, August 2014