"veins seem to be...highlighted." “First of all, I expressed skepticism about this product on Facebook and the manufacturer sent me all three of their products to try. I am a practicing field medic on a first run ALS non-transport Engine Co. with 10 years experience. // I experienced better visual acuity with the Oxy-Iso glasses but the Oxy-Amps worked as well. The best way to describe how they work is that the veins seem to be slightly highlighted and stand out somewhat better.” Lena, April 27, 2017. [Oxy-Iso and Oxy-Amp]


Five star. “They really help find veins." "I originally bought the Oxy-Amp. As recommended by the manufacturer, I first tried them outdoors to get used to them and then indoors. However, they did not work for me. I contacted the manufacturer and he sent me the Oxy-Iso glasses and they have significantly helped me in my work. I could notice the contrast as they accentuate the color of the veins so they are more easily found. The manufacturer also answered all my questions in a timely fashion. I would recommend the product.” Monica6, April 27, 2017. [Oxy-Iso]


4 star. “I've used these glasses and they work great if you have enough light." "I've found a good flashlight in lower light helps quite a bit. Other then that great tool to have in paramedic tool kit. Thanks.” Bryan Kydd, April 28, 2017 [Oxy-Amp]


5.0 out of 5 stars. “Recommended--but they need some use to learn how to use them." "There are actually different shaded glasses and it it important to get the ones that work. Good news is the seller will help. We bought the lighter purple ones--they didn't work so well. Went to return them, but the seller/manufacturer just set us the darker ones (and the green tint). The darker ones work great. However, be aware results also vary from person to person. They seem to be best on someone with fair skin and hard to find (deep) veins--that's where they help the best. We also have a vein finder, but the glasses serve as both eye protection and an aid that still leaves your hands free. I recommend them.” Shannon Donnelly, May 3, 2017. [Oxy-Iso]


4.0 out of 5 stars. “Check the specialized glasses out." "The use of these specialized glasses, while it takes some getting used to, have been great in assisting anyone to find a difficult vein in a patient when you are tasked with having to secure an intravenous line in the patient. Happy with the purchase.” Luis F. Salinas, May 4, 2017 [Oxy-Amp]


5.0 out of 5 stars. “All Smiles." "Had these lenses cut to fit my frames and they work perfectly. Have not missed a vein since getting these lenses.” [Oxy-Amp lens blanks]


4.0 out of 5 stars. “Happy paramedic students." "I am a paramedic student and we just learned IV starts. These glasses really do make a difference to the better! It is easier to spot "good" veins and even without having practised a lot my fellow students I passed them too were significantly more successful with these glasses on. It might feel uncomfortable with the pink tint in the beginning but I got used to it fast and am loving them!” Amazon Customer, May 8, 2017. [Oxy-Amp]


5.0 out of 5 stars. “I was very skeptical at first but there is a noticeable difference." "I would whole heartedly endorse these.” Ryley K., May 11, 2017. [Oxy-Amp]


5.0 out of 5 stars. “Enhances veins!" "I'm a nurse in a busy inpatient department and these glasses work very well finding and enhancing veins. My coworkers were a little skeptical but after trying them they really like them and ask to use them. Definitely recommended!” Tristan944, May 13, 2017. [Oxy-Iso]


5.0 out of 5 stars. “Incredible." "I'm a paramedic here in Florida and I use these [Oxy-Amps] all the time in the ambulance. These are absolutely a Godsend to have and highly recommend these to all I've health are professionals. Great job in you creation and design.” Richard, May 21, 2017. [Oxy-Amp]


4.0 out of 5 stars. "Increased Efficiency." “I'm a phlebotomist and while I know taking blood and starting IV's are different worlds apart. It all starts the same with finding veins. Now I like to think I'm a good phlebotomist but I use the glasses. I use them in pediatric patients mostly. They really do help. // Increased Efficiency. This product was very useful on pediatric patients. This has increased our guys efficiency in the field. I recommend this product to medics and nurses needing IV access in a hurry. // Being in both a phlebotomist and EMS you should learn to listen to your patient they know their body better then you. However these glass do help on the sticks such as pediatric who have had fevers. Its a life saver sometimes.” Jake Hammonds, May 5, 2017. [Oxy-Iso]


4.0 out of 5 stars. Worth the price." “With practice you can see the fluid you're pushing clear the vein + I have noticed no eye strain using these regularly + Worth the price. // I purchased these to use on a general Med/Surg floor with chronic illness patients. These glasses have been a boon when searching for veins in some of these people and the vein light is nowhere to be found (a frequent issue) or it picks up on their body hair too much. The visual effects for my personal vision are very similar to the pictures presented in the item description. Let me do some pros and cons for those professionals looking to get these in an acute care setting:


+ Lightweight, little noted fatigue during prolonged hunts for usable veins

+ Works on a large variety of skin tones (I have had trouble with lichenified skin, keloid scarring, extensive sleeve tattooing, and extremely dark-complected individuals but out of hundreds of patients in a year I encountered perhaps 5 with whom I couldn't use the glasses.)

+ With practice you can see the fluid you're pushing clear the vein

+ I have noticed no eye strain using these regularly

+ Works well for both IV catheter insertion as well as venupuncture for lab draws

+ You can see the bends and curves of veins easily as well as hematomas from previous sticks


- Lightweight, potentially easily-scratched or broken (I keep these with a sports sunglasses loop around my neck or in their sleeve otherwise)

- Needs a good source of light to work well (If you do your draws or IV starts when a patient normally sleeps, you're waking them up)

- Takes getting used to a new way of seeing the veins, so if you stick by touch these might take you longer to learn to use

- Certain tattoo inks will conflict with vein sighting

- They won't make you a better IV starter automatically

The pair I bought are going on strong and even some of my coworkers have used them to start IVs on particularly tough IV drug users. I can't recommend them enough. I only take away 1 star for build quality as I'm unsure if I transfer that they'll survive a more critical care floor's work.

TLDR: If you have a hard time using a vein finder light and need an extra tool in your patient care arsenal, these glasses might be the ticket. They are awesome.”

-- Theresa D, May 24, 2017 [Oxy-Iso]


Five star. "veins were super sharp and distinct" "I appreciate that I can wear these over my regular eyeglasses. Granted, I look way less cool to a patient than my coworker just wearing the vein goggles on their own, but I have to see. // I wasn't sure what to expect when I put them on. In my mind, it was going to be somewhere between X-ray vision and tinted sunglasses. In reality, they didn't provide X-ray vision, in that I couldn't see veins that I didn't already see without the goggles. However, the veins were super sharp and distinct with the goggles on, like a high-contrast filter. The obvious veins were much brighter and more apparent, which then meant that as they got smaller or lighter or deeper, they were much easier to follow along their path. This was particularly helpful for IV placement, since it was easier to see where the vein stayed straight, or where there was a valve. // These worked the same regardless of skin tone. We're fortunate to have a multiethnic staff (and patient population, generally), so we got to try them on a variety of skin tones. There was really no difference, better or worse, in visibility from skin tone to skin tone. // They really worked best under bright, fluorescent light. We tried looking through them outside on a cloudy day and they didn't do much. But under intense, bright hospital lights, they were in full effect. // This is a little unfortunate when one works night shift, as I'm usually trying to minimize the number of lights I have to turn on to find a vein in the middle of the night (it's a bad enough experience for a kid, it doesn't need to feel like an interrogation). But for daytime sticks or if the patient was already awake, I'd 100% bring them in with me." Kristen Janiszewski, RN BSN CPN, is a nurse at the Pediatric Progressive Care Unit at University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. She wore the Blood Draw & Colorblind type as she went about her work, and also shared them with her coworkers. Here are her thoughts, which are her own and in no way reflect the opinions of her employer. May 26, 2017. [Oxy-Iso]


Five stars. “The Oxy-Iso Blood Draw Glasses are amazing!!!" "My hope was to be able to use them instead of the "Wee Sight" on our infant/toddler population in the Pediatric ER because for that you need the room completely dark and it is difficult to hold on to it in the position you need it while inserting the IV. With these glasses I am able to keep the room well lit and use our overhead lights and I feel that I am able to see the veins even better than I can with the "Wee Sight!" My colleagues like these glasses for that reason as well, we like obtaining IV access in well lit rooms! For example I was able to obtain IV access on a 7 week old patient whose veins were not visible with the naked eye or ultrasound! With the Oxy-Iso Phlebotomy Glasses the vein lit up! // I have used these glasses on multiple infants/toddlers with ease! // I was also able to obtain IV access on an obese dark skinned teenage patient who mom identified as a difficult stick, but these glasses greatly improved my ability to gain IV access on him! These glasses have helped with several other difficult IV sticks as well! // My managers and colleagues are interested in these glasses, I was wondering if you have a group discount or any deals going on right now if they wanted to order some? // Thank you again for sending me a pair of these glasses to experiment with, they are an amazing tool to have with me on the unit!" Ron Heyduk, May 26, 2017. [Oxy-Iso]


Five star. “Work great in back of the box." Michael C, June 3, 2017. [Oxy-Amp]


"The Oxy-Iso worked best for me." "Can confirm that it makes a significant difference when viewing veins and I think we will get some interest from Conference." Business Manager, Reid Boddard, Medsouth [Oxy-Iso]


5 stars. Helped a student become a paramedic. I’m a paramedic educator from Michigan who was trying to find an alternative to help one of my paramedic students who was colorblind and struggling to see veins to gain venous access. He could palpate but had no understanding of what he was feeling. After trying these, seeing his face light up see some colors for the first time was remarkable. It made all the difference in his education and help him successfully complete his program. Anyone looking for options for color blindness, give these a serious consideration!!" Anonymous, December 2019 [Oxy-Iso]




5 stars. Colorblind Hunter
"I’m an avid bow hunter and I’m red green color blind so it’s almost impossible for me to follow a blood trail and recover downed game, mostly white tailed deer. I always had to rely on fellow hunter to help me out. one day I googled color blind cures and the VINO glasses came up. I decided to try them out, hoping they would help me see blood on a forest floor. Bottom line THE GLASSES WORK! The first time I tried them, I was able help my son in law recover a deer at night. I found they work especially well tracking at night with the use of very “white light” that you get from a lantern or some better flashlights. I would recommend these to any hunter with similar color. [Oxy-Iso]
– Jose Prieto, December 2019