Seeing The World Of Healthcare Through Vino Optics' Lens

Seeing The World Of Healthcare Through Vino Optics' Lens

The people at Vino Optics see the world of healthcare differently. And they want to help others do the same.

Creators of the Oxy-Iso and Oxy-Amp glasses, Vino Optics began with a discovery by Mark Changizi, PhD. He determined that the evolutionary purpose of red-green vision in primates was to enable the recognition of oxygenation modulations under the skin. Reading these changes allows for instinctual understanding of changes in various states, such as emotions and health.

Collaborating with Tim Barber, Ph.D., Changizi further realized that the natural red-green vision could be enhanced with the proper eyewear. For healthcare professionals, the possibilities go beyond illuminating the nuances in emotional shifts. Getting a clearer view of the veins under the skin directly impacts day-to-day tasks.

“The Oxy-Iso Blood Draw Glasses block wavelengths that are counter-signal — or ‘bad’ signal — for oxygenation, thereby amplifying perception of oxygenation,” Changizi explains. “It also ’isolates’ perception to the oxygenation signal in that it hinders perception of variations in the concentration of blood.”

Seen through the glasses, the veins are so apparent they almost appear to glow, according to the testimonials of many who’ve used the specialty eyewear.

In addition to helping with blood draws and other related tasks, the technology provides an invaluable aid to healthcare professionals who have difficulty discerning particular colors.

“Our Oxy-Iso enhances the very signal red-green deficients are deficient at, and so aids color deficients,” says Changizi. “This is especially helpful for colorblind medical personnel, who suffer from a sort of ‘health blindness.’”

For all of the dazzling tools at the disposal of medical practitioners, a simple visual inspection is sometimes the most effective means of developing an initial diagnosis.

“Many of our customers are color deficient medical personnel who feel they could not do their jobs without our tech, because not only are they missing veins, but missing the general ability to see visual signs of health, like cyanosis, erythema, and others,” Changizi says.

As Vino Optics moves forward, they’re able to make modifications to the technology that can open up possibilities to broader, more continual use.

“We also sell a distinct vein-enhancing technology: our Oxy-Amp Paramedic Vein Glasses, which also enhances veins, but preserves the wearer's general ability to see medical signs,” Changizi notes. “It enhances the oxygenation signal via a different mechanism, one that does not hinder perception of variations in the concentration of hemoglobin — it does not isolate perception to O2 variations, whereas the Oxy-Iso does. We see this as the next generation for medical protective eyewear — basically clear protective eyewear that gives the wearer an enhanced medical sense.”

Originally published by Surgical Products Magazine

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